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Brubacher Foot Comfort makes custom orthotics that fit only you! Why not get the support you need with custom Brubacher orthotics.

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Brubacher Foot Comfort specializes in comfortable shoes that look good and feel great! For men and women, for casual or sport and for any season, choose from top-quality footwear custom made for your own unique feet, or from our premium ready to wear collection. Shoes that are light, soft and perfectly fitted offer relief from pain or fatigue, at work or at play, with no fashion compromise. Custom in-house manufactured orthotics are also available along with decades of experience in their fitting and use.

Hat & Hammer Productions

Kenneth David Brubacher was born into a large family of “sort of” Mennonites in Elmira, through no fault of his own. He was encouraged to make an attempt at becoming a normal human being, but with limited success. To the surprise of nearly everyone he graduated from secondary school in 1970. From there he traveled the world extensively turning his hand to many kinds of jobs and eventually returned to Elmira having accomplished very little. He got work as a millwright but it soon was clearly evident that he was a “millwrong”. After being mercifully fired from that job he went trucking and almost immediately distinguished himself summa cum laude (with oak leaf cluster and Silver Star) by destroying the truck.

He got married and begat two lovely daughters, which took after their mother in many wonderful ways and turned out normal. It was considered a blessing that he had no sons because there was a high degree of probability that if he had sons the little morons would turn out like their dad.

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• There’s An Angel Under My Bed
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• The Book of Truth and Wisdom
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